Funds Validator improves the efficiency and integrity of the proof-of-funding component in international admissions.

Learn about our FV functionality -- specifically designed for India-based students to prove financial capacity via bank-generated digital data of their own or their sponsors. Schedule a call to discuss how we can help trim administrative resources, minimize applicant attrition, and enhance compliance with the authorities.


The Challenge

"If it takes 100 applications to get four enrollments, the institution still has to process 100 files and issue 100 offers. High rates of refusal continue to plague institutions' ability to increase the matriculation of international students."
Etienne Carbonneau, as quoted in Access Denied: High Refusal Rates of Study Permits an Issue at Francophone Universities

The Solution

Funds Validator can dramatically improve that abysmal, unsustainable 4% conversion rate -- and similar single-digit yields across top English-speaking host countries. FV specifically addresses the financial capacity requirement so all stakeholders can proceed with confidence during the due diligence phase of the application process.

Features of Funds Validator


Secure, Robust Platform

Rest assured with our industry-leading data security and privacy policies.


Multiple Options

Present various ways for applicants and their sponsors to prove financial capacity.


Optimized Process

Offer applicants a simple way to comply with host-country regulations.

About us

Our bank balance validation widget verifies liquid accounts of international students and their sponsors to provide accurate, timely and secure confirmation of financial capacity, which facilitates better decisions earlier in the recruitment cycle for universities, authorities and other stakeholders.


Cheryl Darrup-Boychuck

CEO: Creative thinker in advancing global student mobility for more than 20 years; studied in Australia as an international student.


Linda Haddad

CPO: Longtime financial services innovator and entrepreneur with strong interest in expanding access to global learning; Peace Corps alumna.


Kingsley Okeke

CTO: Technical leader with more than a decade experience building products across various industries; studied in Canada as an international student.

Funds Validator